Advantages Of Visiting Halong Bay In Vietnam



Halong is a tourist destination in Vietnam that receives many visitors in a year. It is characterized by many small islands made of limestone with varied shapes and sizes which determine their names. To access the islands, one has to go by boat to experience the tour. The water in Halong bay is an emerald color which adds to the beauty of the place.


Despite the overcrowding of tourists, one should consider visiting the bay for the amazing experience that one will gain during the tour. There are many benefits that come with choosing to go on a cruise ship, one of the advantages is that you do not need to plan the activities you will be doing during the trip. With the help of an assigned tour guide, you are guaranteed a good trip because everything has been planned thus saving you the stress associated with planning a trip. You just need to pay for the cruise and avail yourself prepared to have fun.


Another advantage of booking a cruise trip is that you get a driver for the 4-hour drive distance from Hanoi to Halong where you will begin your halong bay cruise trip. This is an advantage because you do not need to worry about the logistics of planning for how you will get to Halong which is a very long drive in a foreign land. With no stress on your hands, you get to kick back relax and enjoy the trip.


Paying to go for the cruise trip to Halong is something that you will not regret doing regardless of how expensive the trip may be. The great experience and the adventure

you will experience while in Halong is worth it. You will get to go Kayaking in the sunset, Night time squid fishing which a once in a lifetime experience. The Vietnamese cuisine is another thing that you will get to sample while on the cruise trip. Apart from eating, you will get a chance to experience firsthand how to make some of the Vietnamese dishes a skill that you will carry with you for life.


Finally, while at Halong, you can choose to hire a Junk cruise boat which is small boat made of wood. Using this boat and the help of a convenient sapa tours guide, you will get a chance to experience and view the different islets of the Halong Bay. Doing this adds to the experience and the knowledge of the island as well as its history.

Therefore, if ever you get a chance to go to Halong, do not hesitate, seize the opportunity. It is a worthwhile opportunity to tour, relax and experience new places.